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Mourning Star- Chapter Nine
Darcy found Sigyn outside Stonehenge, where she had attracted a small gathering of onlookers. Though she supposed that was to be expected when someone materializes in a flash of light in the middle of an ancient historical site and tourist attraction. She found her sitting underneath a small tree by the side of the road, with her knees pulled up to her chest, unmoving even when Darcy pulled up and got out of the car.
“Hey.” She crouched in front of her. “You alright?” Dumb question; Sigyn just lost her husband, but it seemed like the right thing to ask at the time.
“The last time that fucking portal brought me here, it dropped me in a forest in the middle of nowhere. This time it…everyone saw me. They saw me land in the middle of some ancient rock formation.”
“Yeah, well, lucky for you, most of us are a little more used to weird things happening now,” she said, extending her hand. “C’mon. Let’s get you out of
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Mourning Star- Chapter Eight
The screams lasted for nearly a day, echoing through that wing of the palace like a trapped ghost from dawn until well into the evening, when it was assumed Sigyn had exhausted herself and finally fallen asleep. Loki had listened to them with a knot in his stomach and bile in his throat. He had known Sigyn would grieve; he just hadn’t known the intensity of it, nor that it would feel like claws were shredding his insides.
The next day, he disguised himself as one of the guards again in hopes that he might hear more from others who were perhaps not so careful with their words if they didn’t know who was listening. Sigyn had refused her breakfast, demanding only the bowl she had used to find him the first time. According to rumor, Thor had managed to bring it back when he returned with him and the Tessaract, after convincing S.H.I.E.L.D. that it had no value to them, as it was unstable and belong in Asgard as well. There had been no debate; Thor brought her the bowl, an
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Mourning Star- Chapter Seven
After they had nearly come to blows not five minutes after arriving on Svartalfheim, Loki had fallen into a contemplative silence. Thor had returned to Jane’s side, as though his presence could protect her from the energy coursing through her veins.
“You haven’t asked about her.” Thor said, not looking at him.
Because I don’t want to hear that she’s dead. “Because we still need to formulate a plan.”
“She survived the attack. Her guard locked her in her room before she could get involved.”
He was relieved, but that should have relieved him more. Sigyn had proved herself more than capable when a Chitauri turned on her in New York but the Dark Elves were more formidable. Had she been there his mother might be alive, Or he would be mourning both of them. “Why was I never told?”
Thor looked up at him. “You weren’t?”
“All the guard told me was that Frigga was dead.”
“I am
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Mourning Star- Chapter Six
“It really took you a year before you knew your way around?” Jane asked. She was seated across from Sigyn, a warm cup of tea between her hands.
“More or less. Some places took less time but once I left my usual haunts it would take me an hour to find my way back.”
“Hold old were you when you were brought here?”
“I was born here, raised on Vanaheim for a while, before retuning here as a young woman.” Sigyn took a sip of her own tea, and quickly decided to change the topic. “So, is Asgard everything you imagined it to be?”
“I don’t have words to describe how amazing this place is.” Jane stared down at her cup, tracing her finger around the rim. “This morning, you asked for forgiveness.”
“And I accept that you don’t have to give it to me.”
“That’s the thing…and this doesn’t have anything to do with the queen’s death or what I saw with you and the A
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Mourning Star- Chapter Five
The battle was over as soon as it began, a blitz of fire and screams that seemed to come in with the wind. Sigyn carefully made her way through the ruins, stepping over the toppled pillars and carefully turning over what stones she could. She may have donned her armor, and still had Theoric’s sword gripped tight, but by the time she had been able to get out of her room, the battle was done. Now, she was helping look for survivors, be they Asgardian or not.  
There was a gasping, wheezing sound coming from beneath the pillars, and Sigyn called for the healers and several Einherjar to help her move the stone. The woman wasn’t much older than herself; her face was covered in dirt, blood, and streaked with tears, her hair was matted, and her clothes were torn.
“Shhh….it will be alright,” she whispered, kneeling next to her. Her breathing was labored, and several bones were probably broken, but if the healers worked quickly she would live.
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Mourning Star- Chapter Four
Chapter Four
For something as legendary as the Aether was supposed to be, Sigyn could find precious little on it in the Archives, save only that it was  gone, destroyed by King Bor at the end of the war with the Dark Elves. A history clearly written by the victors. Nothing on how to stop it or control it. Nothing on how to help Jane.  She contemplated using the bowl, but it had been cryptic as of late and of little help in anything.
“Lady Sigyn.” Fandral came up behind her and Sigyn rolled her eyes. This lack of privacy was really starting to bother her. “Have you heard? Thor’s brought Jane to Asgard.”
“I heard,” she answered, not looking up from her book. “Not only was I there but I’ve already spoken to her. It didn’t go well.”
“Really? Well, I for one am shocked.” Sarcasm, and she nearly smacked him with the book for it.
“Is there a reason you’re here, Fandral?
“Yes, and I’
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Mourning Star- Chapter Three
Chapter Three
“When I said ‘go get her’, I didn’t mean literally.”
The healers already had her lying on the table and were surrounding her. Sigyn had dragged Thor as far away from her as he would allow, but kept herself hidden behind a column so that Jane couldn’t see her.
“I had to bring her back here.”
“Have you lost your mind?” she hissed. “The All-Father will be furious with you and who knows what he will do to her.”
“He will not do anything to her.” For all he had changed, Thor was still as stubborn as he’d ever been. “Sigyn, I had to bring her here because she is…unwell.”
Unwell. That word dissolved all other questions and admonitions of Thor’s intelligence. She knew mortals were frail things, but she had a hard time imagining the physicist as being ill enough to require Asgardian care. “What’s wrong with her?”
“I don’t know. One minute
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Mourning Star- Chapter Two
Chapter Two
The celebration went well into the evening, and while Thor had begun the night with his friends, he eventually drifted on his own. Fandral had two women with him, one seated on each side. Sif had stepped outside some time ago and had not come back. Volstagg was entertaining a group with stories of the battles they had fought across the Nine Realms. As his stories grew louder and more exciting, even the children that Sigyn was entertaining with tricks ran over to him. He wanted to enjoy it with them, to laugh and drink himself senseless but he couldn’t. Thoughts of Jane and a future kingship weighed heavily on his mind.
"You would think you lost the battle given by the look on your face," Sigyn said as she sat next to him.
"I am not in much of a celebratory mood."
“So I've noticed." Sigyn took a sip of her wine, and he noticed that she scanned the crowd briefly before saying, "Jane would not begrudge you a drink."
"You would know this?" As soon as he spoke he rea
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Mourning Star- Chapter One
Chapter One
Thor stood in front of the ornately carved door to Sigyn’s chambers for what seemed like an eternity, unsure of his decision to come here or his words. The two guards who were always by her door looked to him expectantly, waiting for his order. Thor had faced  many battles since returning from Midgard, but this was as nerve wracking as any battle.
“My lord?” One of them asked, breaking his reverie.
“Let me in.”
The doors swung open and Thor stepped inside the dimly let chambers. Sigyn’s back was to him as she sat in front of her vanity, carefully running her brush through her hair. Again, his voice failed him. What could he say to here after everything that had happened?
Sigyn put the brush down, but she didn’t look at him. “Hello, brother.”
“It’s been a long time. To what do I owe this visit?”
His guilt hit him like a blow to the stomach. He should have come here sooner. Inst
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Armin was curled against him, back pressed to Eren’s chest. He found he slept better with Armin next to him, especially after he’d spent any amount of time in his Titan form. Despite his small size, Armin was solid, a constant presence. And more importantly, a reminder that this wasn’t a dream.
Sleep could be a tenuous thing for a while whenever he came out of the Titan body. Dreams he experienced there blurred with dreams he had sleeping in his own bed, or he had nightmares so terrible he woke up screaming. Dreams of attacking the town, or Mikasa…or Armin.
That dream had started their current sleeping arrangement. Eren could still hear Armin’s screams as he put him in his mouth, could still hear the crunch of bones and gush of warm blood in his mouth when he woke. Thrashing and screaming, he’d demanded to see Armin, to know that he was alive and safe, and then had refused to let him go. That nightmare returned every night until Armin ended up sleep
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She Searches for You- Epilogue
He woke to that familiar voice and for a moment forgot that he was in a prison cell. He reached out and patted the bed beside him, expecting to feel his wife’s sleeping form. Instead, he only groped at empty air. Was he going mad already? That happened sooner than expected.
“Loki. Wake up.”
No, that was no ghost, no specter from his mind meant to haunt him. It was Sigyn’s voice. He pushed himself up out of bed. The lights were dimmed—at least the All-Father was kind enough not to keep the lights on the whole time—but he could make out Sigyn’s form at the other end of the barrier.
“What are you doing here?” She was a fool. If she had been caught down here without an escort…
“I had to see you.”
He snarled, his concern for her breaking his composure. “What was so important you risked coming down here?”
“I’m having nightmares.”
Rage bubbled up inside him as he
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She Searches for You- Chapter XVIII
The breeze was gentle, warm, and carried with it the sweet scent of Asgard’s late blooming flowers. They were under the tree in the farthest corner of the palace gardens, away from Idunn’s golden apple tree or anywhere else gods may wander. She sat between Loki’s legs, her back pressed to his chest and his arms around her. The garden was silent, save for the breeze.
“You did well,” he murmured into her hair. She smiled and leaned her head back against his shoulder. Her spell books lay discarded by their feet; that’s what he was talking about, one of their spells. His hand slipped under her shirt and traced lazy patterns along her side. She should have flinched and giggled, but she didn’t. “My foolish girl.”
Her hand came up to settle in his hair, which was longer than she remembered. Her fingers brushed something foreign. A leather strap that went around the back of his head. Loki’s arm tightened around her waist. Bli
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She Searches for You- chapter XVII
This cage was different than the last one, with normal walls instead of reinforced glass. Loki sat slouched against the wall, his wrists loosely chained together. No one had been to see him in a while, not even his brother, who had been a regular visitor. He was starting to suspect Thor had taken the Tessaract back to Asgard, leaving him to rot here.
The door opened but instead of his brother or Fury or anyone else, it was Barton.
"Well, well...long time no see, agent Barton."
Barton leaned against the far wall. "You know I wanted to put an arrow in your eye socket for what you did to me. Then another one for what you did to New York. Thor sort of talked me out of it. Well, more like he looked at me as though he would put that hammer of his through my face if I did."
“I suppose that would make a good deterrent. Though it doesn’t explain why you’re here now. Perhaps you miss me? Could there still be a trace of that spell left, some part of you that will always ans
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Commission for Vahisa by Nanihoo Commission for Vahisa :iconnanihoo:Nanihoo 46 6 High Resolution Tamriel map (Elder Scrolls series) by Belhene High Resolution Tamriel map (Elder Scrolls series) :iconbelhene:Belhene 1,262 169 Yennefer by Orpheelin
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Yennefer :iconorpheelin:Orpheelin 911 52
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Well, 2011 is almost gone and soon it will be 2012...

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